Beauty Treatments You Only Find in Indonesia

Beauty Treatments You Only Find in Indonesia

Beauty treatments made from natural and local ingredients are very popular in Indonesia. Not only loved by the locals, the tourists also fall in love with Indonesian beauty treatments. If you are busy and have no time to get Indonesian beauty treatments at the salon, you can do these beauty treatments at home to save time. 


It’s a common thing for Indonesian women to exfoliate their skin with lulur or Indonesian traditional body scrub. Lulur is affordable and easy to do at home. You can combine turmeric and yoghurt or coffee and yogurt to make homemade lulur. Lulur provides some benefits to the skin, for example leaves the skin feeling silky and gently eliminates impurities. Do lulur once a week to help you get smooth skin.

Hair treatment

Your hair is falling out? You can do hair treatment with aloe vera at home. The process takes not more than an hour. Simply apply aloe vera on your hair and scalp, and then leave it for maximum 30 minutes. Massage into your hair and scalp before washing it thoroughly with warm water. Aloe vera is used for a good reason. The enzymes in aloe vera help you to fight hair fall and reduce dandruff.


Traditional massage allows the body and mind to relax. Bali and Java are popular destinations for travelers to get traditional massage with essential oils or scented oils. If you're so tired after work, you can pamper yourself with foot massage at home using coconut oil.


Posted on 08/16/2018 by Fathia Fauzia Home 618