Be Bold, Be Bright

Be Bold, Be Bright

Bold lipstick makes you look bright and fresh.



Bold lipstick is a statement. But sometimes embracing bold lipstick can be a bit of tricky and risky. If you can’t figure out how to wear bold lipsticks, try red, pink, and orange. These three colors are the most popular bright shades that will look good on everyone. The bolder the color, the better.


Red lipstick

Red lipstick is an essential and absolutely the perfect shade when going out at night. It looks good on everyone because it’s chic and playful at the same time. It's also a great pop of color and a confidence booster. If you want to wear red lipstick at the office, simply dab your lipstick on your lips, then blend with your finger.

Pink lipstick

You may feel a bit out of your comfort zone with pink lipstick. But pink lipstick is sweet. You can use pink lipstick lightly during the day, then adding another layer to compliment an evening look. SASC Prisworthy is a perfect pink lipstick that will make you look fresh.


Orange lipstick

A bright orange lipstick never fails you. Orange lipstick is perfect for going out and for the office. The color reminds you of warm summer and the beach.


Photo: SASC Prisworthy

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