7 Workwear Essentials for Women

7 Workwear Essentials for Women

Make sure you have these items in your wardrobe to save your time in the mornings.




Sometimes dressing for the office can be stressful and time consuming. We are busy but we want to dress properly. Leave stress behind. These fashion pieces work well from creative to business casual to professional.


Black pants

A pair of black pants is perfect for casual and formal workwear. You'll likely want to wear it over and over again. Make sure your pants aren't too tight.


Midi skirt

If you're into floral dresses, you'll love floral midi skirt for work. Pair it with a white shirt. It's a style that will never go out of style.


Pencil skirt

Having a well-made pencil skirt in your closet is always a good idea. Pencil skirt will immediately make any top more professional and formal.



You'll likely spend most of your working life with a slim fit blazer. If you work in a creative industry or less formal environment, wear a blouse underneath instead of a white shirt.



Having a nice cardigan is a great essential. Many women leave their cardigans at work, because sometimes it's freezing in the office.


White shirt

A white shirt is an essential with skirt or pants. It also looks great under sweaters.



You can mix and match blouse with anything in your closet. Wear a blouse with a belt to create a formal look.



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